be ready for your next job, before you’re ready for your next job

the best way to determine what you should do today is consider where you want to be tomorrow…

I worked in retail all through high school. I loved the independence of making my own money.  I wanted more of course, not money, well, yes money, but I wanted more out of a career.  I loved psychology and trying to figure people out. I was always the girl that everyone would go to with their problems. I’d listen intently, putting myself in their shoes, before offering a suggestion and a little positive insight (I have been called Pollyanna, a few times in my life). I always felt I had a natural ability to read people and understand their perspectives and ideas. naturally, I took an interest in HR, where I felt I could put these qualities to good use.

After high school, I landed a financial rep job with a financial institution. While working, I attended community college (very) part-time, as I could afford it. One by one, I slowly completed courses; my HR career goals seemed like a distant destination.

then something happened…

at work one day, my coworker told me that our company just posted a new HR recruiting job on our website.

“isn’t that what you want to do?” she asked.

my heart skipped a beat. “yes.”

A part of me didn’t want to read the job posting, afraid that once I did, the possibility of what could be, would be gone.  Eventually, my reasoning kicked in, I needed to know what I had to accomplish to get to that level.  Moments later, I was reading through the job description like it was an indulgent chocolate cake.  It’s never as good as it’s anticipation.  I should have never touched the cake, I didn’t meet much of the job requirements at all, outside of abilities and skills. I closed it, and tried to pretend like it never happened. but it did.

the position was calling to me. I started crafting an email (that I may or may not send) to the hiring manager asking questions about the role, what they were looking for and if they were open to training. With my eyes half closed and before I lost my nerve, I hit send. I immediately went to my sent box to reread what just happened. It’s too late now, and again I was waiting to eat chocolate cake. the possibilities.

The reply back was as expected, they were looking for someone with  ______ experience and  _______ knowledge.

And like always Pollyanna showed up… at least I won’t wonder, I thought to myself. a week or so later an email popped up in my inbox from the hiring manager.  I quickly glanced at the preview message… “send us your resume.”  wait, what? I was so ecstatic and shocked. this was it.  here was my opportunity. I went home that night determined to write the best resume I could.

The next morning, I emailed it to her. here goes…

It wasn’t long before I was contacted to meet with the HR Director and the EVP for an interview.  seriously, was this my life? with a mix of panic and excitement, I prepared for an interview, with two very pivotal people within the organization, for a position that was outside of my experience level. during the interview, I think i may have actually stopped breathing, but somehow I made it through. A few days later, I was told that I got the job.

the rest is history.

Here’s what I have found to be true.  Nothing is ever black and white.  Rules bend. Our greatest obstacle in life is ourselves. Always go after what you want. Even if you’re not sure that you’re 100% ready. don’t live in fear of failure or rejection. Try something new, get uncomfortable. What’s the worst that could happen?  you fail miserably, but not without a learning experience and a great story to tell.


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