10 phrases “ain’t nobody got time for” at work.

Effective communication is not what you say, but how it’s delivered. If you’re speaking, but not adding value, then stop. Ain’t nobody got time for that. The office has enough energy vampires and time wasters.  Steer clear of these 10 phrases buzzing around the office.

  1. I’m tired. It’s easy to say, as most people can relate to this, but don’t. Haven’t you noticed the contagious yawns going around?  We are all tired, we don’t need to be reminded.
  2. That’s not fair.  This is my pet peeve.  Life is NOT fair, nor is it meant to be. This is probably some result of my upbringing… as the oldest child, I was always supposed to “know better,” even when my younger sibs started it. I remember as kids, our dad (the family jokester) would fill each of our cups with soda and be sure one of us had much less in our cup. And of course, as a kid, our reaction was “hey, why did I get less, that’s not fair.” His answer was simple… “life’s not fair.” To say the least, we learned really quickly that fairness wasn’t a solid argument. Fairness cannot be measured.  Things happen in their own time, eventually evening out.  The key is to stay focused on yourself, and not compare your situation to others. My dad to this day says he was preparing us for the real world. Thanks, dad.
  3. I can’t.  stop limiting yourself, you’re only standing in your own way.
  4. The problem is…   If you have the ability to find problems then work on your ability to find solutions.  Bring ideas and alternative solutions to problems… not more problems.
  5. I’m too busy. hello time management and delegation. Here’s a way to look at it, there are many colleagues excited to learn new things & gain new experience – pass on the torch and at the same time free yourself up to do other things.
  6. But.  “But” has a negative connotation. It negates what you just said.  Instead of using but, why not try to add value or provide a suggestion.  What would you like to hear? “I really liked your idea, but the strategy was a bit confusing.”  versus “I really liked your idea.  It would be great to understand the strategy a bit better, have you thought about using a flow chart?”
  7. I don’t get paid for that.  Money isn’t everything. Some may think it so.  . but if it’s your end goal, then it will be a monster to your happiness. Like all roads to success, you have to invest to get results. Invest in your company, work hard, show that you care, and I am certain the money will follow.  If not, have an honest conversation with your boss about the value you add to the organization.
  8. That sucks.  How you deal with hard situations, is very telling of you as a person.  Don’t be the complainer.  Be the person that takes action, and turns tough situations into opportunities.
  9. I’ll try.  aren’t we all just trying anyway?  how about “you will.”  Have enough confidence in yourself to know that even if you don’t know how, you will find a way.   With any job or task, do it with all your heart and give it everything you got.
  10. He/she is always/never. don’t place labels.  “always” and “never” are so final. no one is always one thing or never another.  we change, adapt, and grow. Also conversations like this are a productivity and morale killer. People who gossip are projecting their own insecurities in life onto others.  Because in some way shape or form they do not feel adequate or accepted. Don’t get hurt by gossip, let it roll off your back. Your actions will speak to your character.

Inspiration. Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. -Dave Willis


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